Some of you might have been aware that WMAS has not had an RCO (Regional Coaching organiser) for about 2 years now.

A senior coach namely Tony Alston has moved to Herefordshire,  and has expressed interest in taking on the job.

See below a letter from Tony as he is aware that most of you would not of heard of him and know nothing about his background.


If you have any questions please send them to Geoff Beston This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will send them onto Tony.

The on-line vote will be handled by Google Surveys, and the link for this is here:

the result given at the WMAS AGM on the 8th March 


Dear Coach,
I moved into the West Midlands region just under two years ago and during that time, finding that there had been no one prepared to take on the vacant role of RCO, I decided that I would offer my services, since I believe the role has some use and purpose. Since making my intentions known to the regional council, this quickly raised the question of how such an appointment is fulfilled. From enquiries made, it appears that the coaching population in the region are responsible for voting on the matter and with that in mind, I was asked if I would provide a curriculum vitae (since it was likely that few coaches would know much about me) together with some comments on the role as I perceived it.
I shall be brief on both counts by using bullet points, since like me, I expect you are all busy people who would more appreciate the basic points only, rather than all the greater detail which joins them together. If you are a detail person, then I apologise and refer you to the final paragraph.
C.V. (I have picked these from my work in archery over the last five years)
 Senior Coach
 CCO for Cumbria (about 6 years)
 Working as a coach with various squads and individuals – all ages and abilities.
 Member of Framework England (until its demise)
 Set up and managed the current Coach Education system
 Tutor, Assessor and Verifier within this system
 Member of a renewal panel
 Initiated a rewrite of our L2 course to form the current L2
 Worked on a team to write the L3 (currently lacking funding to move forward)
 Worked with two other people to overhaul the existing County Coach course and bring it up to a consistent National standard (now waiting for pilot courses)
 Significant work in the training of Senior Coaches and improving their course structure.
The position of RCO
I have given the regional council my RCO job description. This has been produced from discussions with other RCO’s and my past experiences. The key points from it are:-
 Report to Regional Council meetings (written and verbal)
 Hold Regional Coaching Council meetings (all CCO’s and Senior Coaches)
 Chair and appoint when necessary a County Coach renewal panel
 Recruit Regional Officers in coaching as required
 Drive projects forward
 Set up Disciplinary panels as required
 Oversee CPD opportunities for Region and Counties
 Establish links with other regions, CSP’s etc..
 Handle monies / budgets as required.
I hope the above information helps to fill in some gaps and any further enquiries or questions that have arisen from the above can be sent to the Regional Secretary Geoff Beston, who will pass them on to me for possible clarification.
Yours sincerely,
Tony Alston