2017/18 Winter Indoor League Report

This winter season saw the Indoor League enter its 22 year.

The League got off to a good start in November with some very good team and individual scores but December brought some very heavy snow that disrupted some clubs shooting venues, this lasted into January resulting in several DNS teams.

Unfortunately February has not seen a return to clubs entering scores for all their teams and with just one round to go I fear this Indoor season will see a fall in the total number of archers entering scores for the first time in a number of years.

The quality of shooting has remained high but the number of scores being entered has fallen by 31 seniors and 4 juniors as compared with last season. (which had the largest entry since the league started)

The individual divisions for each discipline is well supported with archers starting to enter scores for more than one discipline.

Support for the Indoor League remains robust and I'm sure the reasons for the small reduction in scores this season is a result of poor winter weather and one or two clubs entering teams that they could not support.

Unless anyone wishes to put themselves forward to run the league I am happy to continue in this role.

Ian Johnston