Bowbrook Heritage

12 May 2019 13:00
Bowbrook Archers Field, Hollowdene, Nr Withington, Shrewsbury. Satnav Postcode: SY4 4PS
07921 237610
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Contact Name
Andy Yates
Closing Date
6 May 2019
Entry Form

Rounds:           New National (100/80)                            Senior Gents & Senior Ladies

Long National (80/60)                             Senior Gents & Senior Ladies

National (60/50)                                     Senior Gents, Senior Ladies, Boys under 18

Short National (50/40)                            Girls under 18, Boys under 16

Junior National (40/30)                           Girls under 16, Boys under 14

Short Junior National (30/20)                  Girls under 14, Boys under 12

Very Short Junior National (20/10)          Girls under 12, Boys under 10

All rounds: 4 dozen arrows at the longer distance, then 2 dozen arrows at the shorter distance

Entry Fees:      Senior £6 Junior £4 (subject to confirmation by Shropshire Archery Society)

(Please note: Places are limited, so early application is advised. An additional £1 charge may be made for entries received after the closing date - if space allows).  Preferably, please pay by direct bank transfer to TSB account Bowbrook Archers Ltd, sort code 77-27-10, a/c number 34850960.  Use your name as ‘reference’ (please advise us if you are paying by direct bank transfer so that we can confirm the payment has been received).  Alternatively, Cheques should be made payable to Bowbrook Archers Ltd.

Awards:           Medals will be awarded in each category as follows: 1-3 archers – Gold only, 4-6 archers – Gold & Silver, 7 or more archers – Gold, Silver & Bronze


Signing the entry form means you have read, understood and accepted these Notes, as appropriate.

1          Receipt of fees does not guarantee a place if the target list is already full.

2          Junior ages MUST be specified on the entry form.

3          Juniors wishing to shoot a longer round than their age group requires will compete for medals against the age group they are shooting in.

4          Any archer shooting a round shorter than appropriate to their age and/or gender is shooting for experience only and will not qualify for a medal.

5          Archers with handicaps (awarded at the START of the 2019 Outdoor Season) equal to/ less than the following are expected to shoot a New or Long National:

                           Lady Recurve 50, Gents Recurve 44,

                           Lady Compound 42, Gents Compound 37.

6          Disabled archers should notify the organiser of the nature of their disability and any special requirements, eg use of a wheelchair or stool for shooting and/or the need to remain on the shooting line. If you are visually impaired, do you need a spotter? The organisers will do their best to accommodate you and meet your requirements.

7          PARENTS AND GUARDIANS: please be aware that by entering your child you are also accepting that photography and photographs may be taken at the event by authorised photographers. If you do not wish such photographs of you or your child to be used in this way, please enter N under ‘photo’s’ on the Entry Form. Otherwise, you accept this situation and you give permission for this to happen.

8          The following information may be collected and shared with tournament organisers, scoring systems and other competitors (for example, Target Lists and Results may be published): First and Surnames, Gender, Bow Style, Date of Birth / Age category, Email, Address, ‘phone number, Club, County / Region, Round, Disabled Y/N, Disability info (if necessary).


All Dates

  • 12 May 2019 13:00