Nine Junior Archers gathered at Eaton Manor to take part in the start of this year’s junior squad training.  It was quite a good turnout but anybody who missed this day is welcome to come along next time.  This year all the archers are going to have personal coaches and mainly do their individual development work with their personal coach.  Time was spent at the beginning of the session in talking to the archers, their parents and the coaches who were there to try and match archers to coaches. Going forward, on squad session days we will focus on preparation for competition, team shooting and dealing with development issues where the archer’s personal coach would like a second opinion.

We spent some time talking about the need to do some regular shooting or training every day.  Archers who do not put some effort into their sport by training regularly and practising with a clear purpose in mind will make limited progress.  Therefore we talked about how each archer could fit this into their normal day.  The overall message was do what you can and little and often is much better than a long session every week or two.  It was recommended that archers should try and shoot at least 3 times a week and on the days they cannot shoot do something else archery related.

We had a run through of the theraband training exercises which are shown on the attached sheet.  These are exercises that are used by the Romanian National Archery Development Squad.  If done properly they train both stamina and strength.  They also help strengthen the rotator cuff muscles which are important in shooting and need to be protected from injury.  Because they are low impact exercises they are also safe for younger athletes to do on a regular basis.  Adults are welcome to try the exercises as well.   As the body gets used to the resistance of the theraband you are using either increase the number of repetitions or better still increase the resistance by using a stronger band.

The next squad session will take place in January.  There will be a charge of £5.00 a head for this session to pay for the venue hire.  I am looking to book the venue over the next few days and then I will post the dates on the website.