Proposal for SAS county squad leader board

As previously stated, I would like to set up a leader board for county archers that are on or would like to be considered for the Shropshire senior squad. By doing this, the hope is that everyone has an idea where they stand throughout the season and who is likely to be picked to represent the county. It will also give archers trying to get onto the county squad real targets to aim for.

For this I would require the archers themselves to email me monthly (or whenever they compete) their scores for the below rounds along with results sheets as proof of score:

WA 1440

WA 720


Long National

I would like to get at least four scores from each archer to be able to add them together and form the leader board. This would mean two of either WA 1440 or York/Hereford and two of either WA 720 or Long National. This should then show what level each archer is shooting at rather than just a one off or lucky result.

My plan is to convert AGB imperial rounds to equivalent metric scores using the handicap tables in the rules of shooting. This will give four comparable scores for each archer that can be ranked for each discipline.

From these submitted scores, I can then produce the leader board to be both published on the SAS website and emailed back to the individuals that have emailed me. I will then update this monthly, keeping only the highest four scores for each of the above rounds totalled.

I would also look to publish the highest scores for each round per discipline for individuals’ pride and bragging rights.

The only other thing that I would consider useful for the county archers to have, is experience of shooting head to head matches. Although, rather than include this here, I am sure that should the need arise I can organise something similar to the monthly sessions trialled this year so that all county archers know how this works in both team and individual formats.


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