SAS October committee meeting

  • I have emailed Maxine Palmer for a copy of the WMAS policy on awarding funds for juniors that seek financial help towards shooting for GB and the Academy SN to get the information from WMAS to be uploaded onto the county website for all to see
  • There is a cost involved in the survey that I have put together, I will bring this and a sample to the next committee meeting SN to ask AGB if we can use their Survey Monkey account

Heritage shoots

  • We need to spread the shoots out over the summer from the start of May until the end of August, preferably one every other weekend. Aim is to encourage archers to shoot more of them and to allow people to do other things or other shoots in-between Yes, some already agreed and notice will go out to remaining clubs to agree dates following Dec county meeting
  • I would like to approach WMAS for funding to cover/put towards the costs of a timing and lights system for Shropshire. This would then be made available to all clubs for use at their heritage shoots as well as County run shoots. The only issues I can foresee is where they would be stored and what do we do in the event of damage/theft? Can we get quotes for the next WMAS meeting in November? No, this is not an option the county would like to pursue
  • Introduce minimum standards for the heritage shoots
    • Have an AGB judge at every shoot. Fields and targets to be measured Yes
    • Standardise entry forms, score sheets and results sheets Yes, SN to complete and send to SW before next committee meeting
    • All results to be published and sent to County and club secretaries within 1 week of the shoot, to be posted on SAS and club websites/distributed to archers. This will allow series totals to be updated shortly after each shoot Yes, would help JP greatly with final results. To be included in communication sent to all clubs after Dec county meeting
    • Provisions for target/stand failures – spares that can be used in event of issues and some padding for the back of targets Yes, all clubs present said that this happens anyway
    • Agree policy for visitors shooting to include associate members Yes, to be put on standard entry forms
  • County to agree standard awards for medals and trophies at each shoot and for the final series results.
    • We have been asked if County medals can be awarded for team trophies in future and about trophies for different categories. Does this need to be agreed at AGM? No, county medals for county shoots and heritage series not sponsored by the county
    • Can we agree what the County is awarding the County medals for before the start of next year? Agreed as above
    • Write down and publish to all clubs before the start of the outdoor season what is being competed for. In this, also ask for trophy donationsif archers would like to shoot for them, but the category does not meet the competition numbers for them Yes, to be sent with communication mentioned above
  • Is Rikki continuing to keep the signature books for County trophies? Yes RR has the books
  • Proposal to let clubs choose different AGB/WA rounds to be shot at their heritage shoot
    • To ensure senior archers of a higher level compete separately to others, introduce a tier system – tier 1,2. This will be based off an archers handicap but will include all bowstyles – just need agree fair cut off points
    • To enable the final series trophies to be awarded, use a points system from each shoot rather than cumulative scores
    • Allow clubs (encourage clubs) to apply of UKRS/WRS for their heritage shoot

No. More than half of the clubs that responded of were present want to keep the heritage shoots as introductory shoots for novice/improving archers. County level archers to be encouraged to seek WRS shoots – York/Hereford, 1440 & 720 H2H

  • Whitchurch have asked not to award the final heritage trophies, so I propose that we ask for a volunteer to arrange an awards evening – something that has been done in the past. Alternatively, we could combine this with the AGM? Hafren have agreed to host last heritage shoot and award the trophies

Shropshire Star

  • As I mentioned at the County outdoors championships, I have been in contact with the Shropshire Star and they are happy to publish results and photos we provide. From the County, I would like this to include results for:
    • Indoor postal – monthly and final results
    • Every heritage shoot and the final results
    • County indoor and outdoor championships
    • County clout
    • Wenlock Olympics (although I may get Bowbrook to arrange this as shoot organisers)

Yes, more than happy to do this, but will need to contact the paper before events are run so that they know to expect results rather than sending them unexpectedly SN to do

  • This has made me wonder if the County needs someone additional on the committee for PR/marketing stuff? This could include running the County website and any official social media accounts No, this is not required and Dave Baron is happy to continue to run the county website, but would like more input from clubs
  • From a County committee point of view I would like to only send results through and leave and individual achievements up to clubs or archers themselves Yes

Senior County squad

  • Next year’s National County team champs will be on 29th/30th June at Lileshall Make sure no heritage shoots on this weekend
  • I would like to arrange a selection shoot in April to ascertain the best archers that the County would be willing to part fund to participate Yes, but call it a spring shoot SN to organise
  • After this selection shoot, I would like to setup a leader board so that County archers can see the scores of those in the County teams and what they need to achieve to beat them. Could this be published on the County website or sent to all club secretaries to distribute? Yes, SN to come up with a suitable structure to measure fairly and organise
  • We would need to send a communication to all clubs saying that any archer can put forward scores, but they would need to shoot full distance or Olympic rounds as with National rankings (old system) ie. 1440’s, 720’s and York/Hereford scores Yes, SN to co-ordinate, but make it clear that this will be the archers responsibility and not their clubs records officer
  • Can we publish similar policy to AGB whereby archers that represent the County can wear their shirts for that season and the following year only? I would like to bring back some glory and pride to representing the county – something to aim for (excuse the pun)! No
  • I am going to ask this year’s squad if they are happy with the current County shirts and if anyone will volunteer to get new ones if not. I will report back what archers have said at the committee meeting SN to contact shirt supplier for prices on additional garments that could be purchased by the county archers wholly and not subsidised by the county